SemanticMD Cloud Deploy

Automate deployment of deep learning scripts. You focus on the science and we handle the infrastructure.

Model management

Manage your pre-trained neural networks. We support Keras, TensorFlow, Lasagne, Caffe, and DIGITS trained models. You can provide a binary file (e.g. pickle) or classification script.

Zero setup testing

Our platform intelligently parses model files and deploys it on our cloud GPU infrastructure. Productize your algorithms instantly with an API and web interface available on any device around the world.

{ "probabilities": { "IM-0001-0001.dcm": { "abnormal": 13.46, "normal": 86.54 }, "IM-0001-0002.dcm": { "abnormal": 0.01, "normal": 99.99 } }, "status": "success" }

Partner integrations

Simple and powerful APIs to integrate your deep learning models with SemanticMD Cloud and get discovered by medical imaging companies with straightforward revenue share.