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Content based Patient Search Engine

SemanticMD's HIPAA-compliant platform is secure and completely web-based so customers can start getting value from our platform and apps from day 0
MEDICAL IMAGE Processing and analysis

There is significant unstructured clinical information found in medical images that can greatly influence patient care. We support both 2D and 3D images of various modalities and our computer vision algorithms automatically identify and extract relevant clinical features from the query image. Currently, we provide solutions for ultrasound imaging.

Matching of Similar Patient Records

Since clinical experience plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of patients, we believe that being able to query for similar patients would be of significant value in both clinical practice and academic research. Our machine learning algorithms automatically retrieve similar patient records based on both structured and unstructured data using highly scalable, graph-based algorithms.


As the volume and complexity of patient data increases across healthcare organizations, retrieval of patient information cannot be solely based on textual, structured queries as it is currently done. We provide a marketplace of data visualizations so physicians can easily interact with and gain clinical insights from patient data.

Personalized Decision Support

There is high interobserver and intraobserver variation (based on clinical experience) in medical image analysis. Hence, a system that is personalized for a particular user would provide more relevant information for the user and a better understanding of the sources of variation. Our search engine continually learns from physicians and provides results that are personalized to the physician and contextually relevant for the current patient.

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Developer API

Design & develop quality products to help physicians analyze medical images
API Overview

SemanticMD’s RESTful API provides an infrastructure for developers to power web applications and data-rich services, at any scale to analyze patient images. Learn from these examples how we can help you develop and maintain real-time applications with direct access to millions of patient records.

Population Health Management

Provide an easy-to-use UI for navigating patient data. WebGL technology enables rendering of 1M+ patients within seconds in the browser. Supports visual search and comparison of patient data.

Workflow Analytics

Provide a dashboard with interactive data visualizations for radiology managers and administrators to measure key workflow analytics (number of readings, turnaround time, peer review data, etc.).

Ultrasound Image Annotation Tool

Enable web-based, zero footprint viewing and annotation of ultrasound images. Our secure servers store the images along with the annotations in an easily retrievable form.

Our Team

We are passionate about developing solutions to problems at the intersection of healthcare and big data

Management Team

Santosh Bhavani

Santosh was a PhD student in Computational Biology at Carnegie Mellon where he developed machine learning and computer vision algorithms for image-based screening of drugs as well as automated cancer diagnosis from biological images. Santosh holds a joint patent for “Identifying Location Biomarkers” automatically from IHC images of cancer tissue. Santosh received a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon.

Satish Ramakrishnan

Satish is a healthcare technology enthusiast with professional experience at Genentech and ZS Associates. He holds Masters and BS degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences with a minor in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University where he graduated with University Honors. He is currently on leave of absence from his MBA studies at Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon where he was a Merit Scholar and a Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellow.

Adam Gradzki
Chief Systems Architect

Adam worked as a software architect and systems administrator at the University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute where he managed a team to build an open source, scalable and fault-tolerant distributed data analytics platform for the NIH. This web-based platform provides predictions and clinical insights into in-vivo drug trials in human organs based on experimental microphysiological device readings and known human drug-organ interactions.

Board of Directors

Thomas DeSouza

Thomas DeSouza is the Founder, Principal and Managing Director of Allegory IM and Allegory GP. Previously, Thomas served as Partner of The DeSouza Perez Group at Robert W. Baird & Co., where he served as an Institutional Consultant for Private Equity and Venture Capital Managers as well as sourced capital, deal flow and strategic relationships. Thomas is also an Investment Committee Director of Willamette View Foundation and an active member in the life sciences sub-committee of Keiretsu forum. Thomas was the Founder and CEO of, an online alternative to a traditional trade-show.

Dietrich Stephan, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephan is a geneticist, entrepreneur and recognized leader in the field of personalized medicine. His successful exits include Navigenics (Acquired by Life Technologies in 2012) and Amnestix (Acquired by Sygnis in 2008). Dr. Stephan is also the founder of Aueon Inc (early cancer diagnostic tests), Silicon Valley Biosystems (next-generation genome sequencing), and DiaVacs (novel Type I Diabetes treatment). In addition to building biotech companies, Dr. Stephan has published over 140 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

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